Wear & Tear

Road Hazard Security 

The R.O.A.D. Tire and Wheel guaranty safeguards your car from typical road challenges like metal, potholes, nails, glass, potholes as well as debris. Also , with R.O.A.D. InTire, you are safe nationally with 24/7 and 365 days a year sign as well as drive toll-free roadside support. 

Sign and Drive Service 

24-hour a day roadside help ensures that, during a tire dilemma associated with a road hazard, all you need do is just contact the toll-free phone number for quick service from any location nationally. Additionally, you are protected round the clock, seven days a week and 365 days in a year. 

Protection with No Deductible 

Advantages of the R.O.A.D. InTire security comprise of complete fix or replacement refund for a protected road hazard without any deductible or fees for: 

• Tires as well as Fixing 

• Wheels 

• Valve stems 

• Revenues tax 

• Balancing 

• Customary labour fees 

Once it’s time for you to get new tires, your brand new tires will be covered, at no extra cost, for the remaining length of time of your agreement term.